Car Air Conditioning Service Based in Derby, Derbyshire Tel 07541 724069
Car Air Conditioning ServiceBased in Derby, DerbyshireTel 07541 724069

full Car Ac service from only £29.

We are a home-run business, so there is no intimidating one hour wait in a garage waiting room. Most services take no more than 30 minutes and you can watch us do it! 


Most garages use an automatic machine, which requires the operative to just enter the make and model of car and then the machine refills the car automatically. Usually, most operators have limited knowledge about AC systems or, so if there is a fault, they can not diagnose problems. We have vast knowledge and manually carry out each task and can diagnose any problems. We only specialize in car air conditioning services, so you can be assured your car is in the right hands. With over 500 genuine reviews from satisfied customers. (See reviews below)


Price Includes all the following:-

  • Check Pressures.
  • Nitrogen leak test if no gas is present in the system. (Extra £10)
  • Spray Bubble solution to show any leaks.
  • Remove old refrigerant and weigh it to see how much you may have lost
  • Vacuum the system to a negative pressure to remove any trapped moisture and contaminants.
  • Add new PAG oil and UV Dye.
  • Add new R134a gas to manufacturers specifications. 
  • Test high and low pressures.
  • Test temperature at the air vents.
  • Lubricate rubber o-rings on Schrader valves
  • Report any faults.

       Other optional extras:

  • Vehicle Computer Diagnostics   £15 
  • Extreme Leak Seal Additive        £20
  • Nitrogen Leak and Bubble test   £15
  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment             £15
  • UV Dye Treatment                        £10

**If no gas is present in the system a Nitrogen leak test must be performed @ £10 extra.**


To see how much gas your car needs if empty please Click Here.


We only charge for the amount of gas your car needs. As an example:- If your car needs 500 grams and you already have 400 grams in your car, we only charge £4 extra for the gas. The total price including service is, therefore £29+£4= £33 total price.



Car Air Conditioning repair prices


We believe we can offer the lowest priced repair if your car air conditioning system needs a replacement part fitting; By a fully trained main dealer technician.  


Condensers supplied and fitted from £110 

Compressors fitted from £40

Pressure switches fitted from £20






If we find less than 10% gas present in the system at the time of service this will indicate there is a slow porous leak in your system. We recommend adding a leak additive to help prevent any further leaks. (This is optional and costs an extra £20). Please note adding leak additive does not guarantee it will fix the leak, but is successful 90% of applications.  Please click here for further information. 



 BOOK ONLINE OR RING 07541 724069


Over 500 Five Star Reviews!  Click Below To Read Reviews.


From Only £29 for full air conditioning service at our premises in Littleover, Derby.  

Service while you wait, only takes around 20 minutes. 


We are a home run Air Conditioning business not part of a franchise or have high garage overheads, so this allows us to offer a service at a low price. Qualified to City & Guilds 7543 standards and F Gas accredited qualification EC 308/2008 certified.

Because we only specialize in car air con service you can be assured of a high-quality service. You are welcome to watch as we service your aircon and we will explain each part of the re-gas service. The aircon service takes around 20 minutes.

Why suffer on a hot sticky summers day; when from only £29 you can be driving in a cold car, feeling cool and refreshed.

Using the latest air conditioning service equipment to make sure your car is re-gassed correctly to the manufacturer's air conditioning specifications.

We do not just top up your car with refrigerant, we always remove your old refrigerant. We vacuum to -29 hg the entire air conditioning system to remove any excess moisture; then test for leaks under vacuum. 

We do not use an automatic regassing machine like most garages as these can be inaccurate and most are not calibrated, and the operators have minimal experience using them. Each air conditioning task we carry out is done manually.


We change our vacuum pump oil REGULARLY.

It is important to remove any moisture from your air con system. This is done with a vacuum pump, this creates a vacuum of -29 hg; this will cause any trapped moisture to boil off at 10 degrees. This will then be removed from your cars air con system. If the vacuum oil is not changed regularly; the vacuum pump will not be able to reach the desired vacuum pressure so the water will not be able to boil off; which will then be trapped in your system. This will cause ice up and cause blockages, also cause acid to build up and damage your cars air conditioning components. Some garages only change the oil annually, so will not be able to get a proper vacuum. The importance of a regular oil change is very important to make sure your car is serviced correctly.


Do you have a musty smell when using your air condtioning? 


It is important to have your Evaporator cleaned regulary to stop the build up of mould and funghi. The evaporator is situated inside the car under the dash board. When you use your air conditioning water condensors on the evaporator, which can lead to mould and funghi forming. Regular cleaning when you have your service, using our anti-bacterial refresh, will help to keep your evaporator clean and healthy.

(Picture to the left shows a removed evaporator with bad mould and funghi)


2 Verbena Drive, Littleover, Derby. DE23 2HS

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