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Car Air Conditioning ServiceBased in Derby, DerbyshireTel 07541 724069 

Nitrogen Leak Testing

When we test your car and find you have no gas in the system we charge £10 for a Nitrogen test leak and spray a bubble solution on the condensor and pipes to highlite any potential leaks in your system. We also add UV dye to show future leaks. The £10 fee also includes a free check under UV light if the gas escapes, and we also waiver the £29 service charge if your car needs regassing, within 3 months, due to a leak.


Important Information.

A nitrogen leak test will identify 90% of leaks. This is because Nitrogen molecules are 10 times bigger than the refridgerant molecules and we can only pressurize to 150psi. On a hot day, your car reach pressures of over 300psi, which can cause the refridgerant to find potential porous leaks or weak spots in the system that can suddenly cause the refridgerant to escape.





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