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What to do if air con still does not work after a service

  1. Check all fuses and relays. Refer to cars manual or look on forums on the internet for details on where the fuses are located for your air con system.
  2. Check pressure switches.This is a common fault and will stop your compressor activating if the pressure switch is faulty
  3. If compressor is activating and high pressure is high, it could be your orifice tube or txv valve on evaporator that is blocked.
  4. If your low pressure side is high and not cooling efficiently, your txv may be stuck open, and need replacing.
  5. If your compressor is working and no pressure differences on gauges, your compressor may need replacing.

What Are My Options If I Have ​No Gas in system?



The reason you have no gas is due to a few reasons:-

  1. Natural loss, most systems lose 15% a year.
  2. Service ports are leaking, and service port caps are not on tight enough, or seals are missing in service port caps. 
  3. You may have a porous leak that is virtually undetectable and will slowly escape over a few weeks period.
  4. Condensor may have stone damage.
  5. Seals may be leaking. This is common if you have not used your ac system much at all.

There are a few options available: if your system has no gas and no leaks are detected after a nitrogen pressure test and vacuum test.

  1. You can have the system re-gassed and hope it is due to not being serviced for years and is a natural loss.
  2. You can have UV dye put into the system to detect any future leaks if it is a porous leak. 
  3. We can put some leak seal into the system, that will seal any porous leaks and re-conditions all your rubber seals to prevent any leaks. This is an extra £25.

We recommend using a website called for any air conditioning parts you require. 


If you need a mechanic to carry out your repairs we can strongly recommend a mechanic called Steve on 07866 996235 or an Auto Electrician called Daryll on 07902 101911










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