Car Air Conditioning Service Only £29. Tel 07541 724069
Car Air Conditioning ServiceOnly £29.Tel 07541 724069 

R1234Yf CAr Air Conditioning service

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We now offer the latest R1234yf re-gas service. If your car is manufactured from January 2017 you will have the latest refrigerant in your car. Some cars from 2014 also have the latest gas. If you look under your bonnet as shown in the picture below, there will be a label identifying which type of gas and how many grams of gas your car requires.


If you book your car in for a service and we find it has a leak, we will only charge £15 to identify the cause of the leak.


Each service includes UV Dye and a 3-month guarantee. We also use the latest Delphi diagnostic to identify any problems.


Only £125 including full service and Uv Dye and 3-month guarantee.



  • Check Pressures.
  • Remove old refrigerant and weigh it to see how much you may have lost.
  • Nitrogen pressure test if no gas present in car air conditioning system.
  • Bubble test to identify leaks.
  • Ultra-sonic leak test.
  • Delphi diagnostic test if needed.
  • Vacuum all system to a negative pressure to remove any trapped moisture.
  • Add UV Dye
  • Add new R1234YF gas to manufacturers specifications.
  • Test high and low pressures.
  • Test temperature at the air vents.
  • Lubricate rubber o-rings on shradder valves.
  • Report any faults.
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