Car Air Conditioning Service Only £29. Tel 07541 724069
Car Air Conditioning ServiceOnly £29.Tel 07541 724069 

Terms and Conditions

We believe in transparent uncomplicated terms and conditions to protect ourselves and our customers. Please agree to our terms and conditions before service.



  • Uv dye will only show leaks once gas has escaped, it will not show leaks at time of service.
  • We can not be held responsible if the system leaks after tests, as porous leaks are virtually undetectable.
  • Service for £29 includes nitrogen check and vacuum leak test. Please note this will only show large leaks, not small minute porous leaks.
  • If we find a leak, we will only charge £15 for a leak test.
  • If after your car air conditioning has been serviced and it does not work, we will not charge the £29 service fee, but optional extras will be charged and if you have a nitrogen test there will be a £15 charge. It may not work due to an electrical fault, faulty compressor, or potential blockage in the system. (We will offer free advice to possible cause of the problem)
  • We can not re-gas a car knowing there is a leak.
  • We ask customers to stand 2 meters away from the car during service for health and safety reasons.
  • If we find your car has no gas at the time of service, we will ask you to choose one of the options below. Please read. so you are aware of the various options at the time of your service.

  • There is a £15 charge for a no-show appointment.

  • Kool Guarantee:- If your car is no cooler we will not charge you.


    Car-Air Conditioning Service No Gas in System.


    Leak testing will only show large leaks and will not show up small porous leaks, as nitrogen molecules are larger than the refrigerant molecules and can seal small holes when testing. Vacuum testing can also pull seals together and stop leaks from showing. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a leak will not be present after the tests.


    If we find a leak and are not able to re-gas your car we will only charge £15 for our time and nitrogen gas.


    The options available to you are: -


          1. Add Uv dye that will show the source of the leak, if after the gas happens to escape.  (Price includes free leak check under UV Light up to 3  months and free re-gas once leak repaired) Cost: £5 extra for UV Dye


    2. Add Mastercool Leak Shield and UV Dye, this will fix any porous leaks as long as gas takes more than 2 weeks to escape. (Price includes free leak check under UV Light and free re-gas within 6 months once leak has been repaired) Cost: £25 extra



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