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£15 Customer Car Air Conditioning Offer

Once you have had a full service with us, we will offer you a full service for life for only £15!

Please note the following conditions below:-

  • The offer is only valid between October 1st- March 31st.

  • Any extra gas needed will be charged @ R134a £5 per 100g and R1234yf, £10 per 100g, prices may fluctuate, due to wholesale prices.

  • You only pay for the extra gas needed,

  • Examples:-  if your car has only lost 100g of r134a you will only pay £20. If your car has lost 200g of r1234yf you only pay £35.

  • Price includes full service and we will also do a free test under UV light to identify any leaks.

Read our reviews below from our previous customers:-

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