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Want Your Car Ac to Run Cooler and Save Money? Then Use Cool-Shot for only £30 extra.

  • What is it?

Overtime oil that is contained in your AC system to lubricate the compressor and the seals naturally accumulates on the walls of the condenser, evaporator and pipework. This accumulation restricts the heat exchange, reducing the AC performance and acting like an insulator on the walls of the AC system.

This phenomenon uses more energy from the engine to provide cool air increasing fuel cost and maintenance costs due to excessive wear on the AC components.

  • How does it work?

Using Cool-Shot will improve the performance of the system, creating a cooler environment, whilst using less energy and increasing the ac systems lifespan saving money in the long term.

Cool-shot comprises of two synthetic catalysts and a lubricating agent, which removes the build-up of oil on the walls, allowing the refrigerant to improve its heat exchange properties.

  • What are the benefits?

Using case histories interesting data as emerged using cool-shoot.

  • Up to a 5-degree improvement in cooling at air vents.

  • Faster cooling performance

  • 73% better heat exchange

  • 20% reduction in fuel costs to run the compressor

  • 54% increase in compressor lubrication

  • 50% increase in compressor lifetime.

  • A decrease in compressor vibrations and noise.

  • Cool-shot acts without causing any chemical changes to the oils or refrigerant and is 100% ecological.

Using Cool-shot will pay for itself in no time at all, using less energy to run the compressor and fewer maintenance costs and quieter operating noises.

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