Car Air Conditioning Service Based in Derby, Derbyshire Tel 07541 724069
Car Air Conditioning ServiceBased in Derby, DerbyshireTel 07541 724069

Air Condtioning Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to complete a service?

It usually takes around 25 minutes to complete a full service..

  • You can buy canisters and top up myself, why use Staykool?

The cannisters cost around £50 with the adapter, and they do not tell you how much refridgerant is in your system and you could overfill, which will cause failure. It is always best to remove all refridgerant from your car, and then vacuum down under pressure to remove all moisture. Then add fresh oil and refill with fresh r134a to manufacturers specification. It is also cheaper to use staykool than buy a refill kit.

  • Can you remove the bad odour from my car air conditioning when i switch it on?

Yes we can deodorise your cars evaporator killing all the bacteria and moulds that occur. We do not use the cannister spray bombs that most people use, these only mask the problem. We inject a special spray down to the evaporator which kills the odour at source. and leaves a very pleasant odour instead.

  • Why should i choose the UV dye option?

If you use UV dye as a service option this will then let you identify easily any leaks you may have in the future. It will be able to indentify exactly where the leak is coming from, saving time and money trying to pin point the leak as it will be easily identified under UV light.




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