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Garage Capors Stories #2

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Garage Capors Stories #2

We get a lot of customers who have had their Car Air Conditioning looked at by previous garages before they have come to us for further diagnostics. Some of the stories they tell are quite ridiculous and some are way overcharged for work that does not need doing in most cases and some damn right amusing!

I have decided to put these stories on Facebook to show what I come across on a daily basis called Garage Capers.

Garage Capers Stories #1

A customer came with a Jaguar XF last year as AC was not working, we serviced it and it would not work. Unfortunately, my diagnostics will not connect to Jaquar or Landrovers these are the only 2 brands it will not connect to. I told him with experience it is most likely to be the pressure switch as this is common with these cars and I have seen quite a few with the same issue.

The customer came back this year with a different car and I asked him about the Jaguar and he said he had now sold it, but he took it to the main dealer and they told him the compressor had gone and replaced a brand new compressor at a cost of £1000! It still did not work and they said it needed a software update? Anyway, they managed to get it working again, but I'm still sure it would have been a £30 pressure switch problem.

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