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Garage Capors Stories #3

Updated: Jun 18

Garage Capers Stories

This is a common story I get almost daily in summer. Customers ring to say they have had a regas and they have been told they need a new compressor and ask me for a quote.

I always ask them to visit us for diagnostics first to confirm this, and if it is a faulty compressor then we will not charge for the appointment. In 95% of cases, it is a simple pressure switch or fuse, or relay problem and we can usually get the Air Con working again in the same appointment slot and do not charge any extra as it part of the service.

When garages regas a car and they see the compressor is not turning or compressing they state the compressor is faulty when it is usually a simple electrical problem. When a car has had no gas in for a while the pressure switch diaphragm can dry out and stop the compressor from working, We can usually get it working again, with a procedure we have found, and on some cars it just needs the pressure switch resetting with the diagnostics.

I also see lots of customers who have had a compressor changed for no reason, due to garages stating it is not working. I can understand through lack of experience why garages state this, but it is the customer who ends up with an unnecessary big bill.

If your reading this and have been told you need a new compressor, please get a second opinion first. We will not charge you a penny for the appointment if it is the compressor at fault.

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