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What if you find no gas in my  car air condtioning system?


If we find your car has no gas at time of service, we will ask you to choose one of the options below. Please read. so you are aware of the various options at time of your service.


Car Air Conditioning Service No Gas in System.


Important:- Leak testing will show 90% of leaks, but in 10% of cars with no gas present at time of service it is vrtually impossible to detect a porous leak, as nitrogen molecules are 10 times larger than the refriderant. This is why we put UV dye in cars with no gas, so if in the rare circumstance your car loses all the gas, we can locate the source of the leak. As we use OFN Nitrogen to pressure test cars we can diagnose most leaks, unllke most garages that do not offer this service. It is industry standard that porous leaks can not be detected.


If we find a leak and are not able to re-gas your car we will only charge £15 for our time and nitrogen gas.


The two options available if you have no gas present are: -


      1. Add Uv dye that will show the source of the leak, if after the gas happens to escape.  (Price includes free leak check under UV Light up to 3 months and a free re-gas once leak repaired) Cost: £10 extra for UV Dye


2. When testing your vehicle and we find there is no gas present at all in your system, and it passes the nitrogen leak test. We recommend putting in Extreme Leak Seal to prevent your system from leaking in the future and to cure any porous leaks that may be present that caused you to lose gas in the first instance. Due to the price of the R134a gas going up in price (which as quadrupled in 3 months) and the R134a gas being phased down in 2020 by government legislation, the price of the gas is likely to go up further in price.

The price of the Extreme Sealer is £25 and we give a 3 month leak guarantee (If it happens to leak within 3 months, we only charge for the gas, not the service £29 service price once the leak has been rectified). This is only a recommendation and is totally for information purposes only, and for you to decide if you would like the leak sealer added at time of service.

Please look at video below for more information on how it works

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