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IMG-3880 (1).jpg Car Air Conditioning Service From Only £18.
Based in Derby.

With Free Antibacterial Treatment, UV Leak Trace Treatment and OFN Nitrogen Leak Test With Every Service.
Tel 07541 724069



 Appointments Only By Booking Online. Click Book Now Below


"Book with confidence! When booking, we provide a 3-month leak guarantee when you request the Leak Preventative Package.

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A Family business specializing in car air conditioning services which take no more than 30 minutes at our Derby-based unit. We do a comprehensive leak test before re-gassing using the latest leak detection equipment, we are the only company in Derby to offer this as part of the full AC service. All-most all garages just refill without doing a Nitrogen pressure leak test first, this is so important if you have no refrigerant in the system to test for leaks first otherwise it will just leak out again.


Once you have had your first service with us, all future services will only be £18 incl Vat plus the cost of any extra gas. For more info click here.

New Premises Now Open:- Our Exciting New Workshop Location is Now Open at "Great Northern Classics" on Osmaston Road Derby, While having your Car Air Conditioning Serviced you can visit the large cafe overlooking the workshops visit the museum, browse the car retail shops, or even view the Classic cars on display. Make it a day out with a difference and at no extra charge. You don't need a classic car to book with us, we cater for all vehicles. (We can not do motor-homes or vans at this location). 

Car air conditioning over the years has been given a bad name, due to garages misdiagnosing faults, and making false claims that repairs need doing when they generally DO NOT! Also, they charge huge unnecessary repair bills, due to their lack of experience. Staykool's Aim is to change this perception by offering a totally reliable and honest service and offering cheap repairs if they are needed. Most repairs are relatively cheap if they are needed and should not cost hundreds.

Now With Over 1000 Five Star Review`s Click Here

Free OFN Nitrogen, Ultra-Sonic, and Nitrotrace Leak Pressure Test, as part of the service:- These are included in the service price, identifying any small leaks and saving money and time. We can detect the smallest of leaks, even garages use us to detect leaks that they can not find. One in Five cars have a leak and we are probably the only business that specializes in leak detection with the appropriate equipment. We can also fix most leaks with Extreme Leak Sealer Click Here for More Info.

Have you taken your car to a garage and they can not get it working? Read our most common reasons why most cars' AC stops working CLICK HERE. We can get most cars AC working again, when garages can not, saving £100's on unnecessary work.

Our Simple Pricing Structure.

 R134a Car Air Conditioning Service only £59 incl Vat (Most cars pre 2017)


R1234yf Car Air Conditioning Service only £89 Incl Vat (All car post 2017)

Nitrogen and Ultrasonic Leak Test Only £35 incl VAT (Free with Service)

To See How Much Refrigerant your Car needs Look Here.

What Our Service Includes:-


  • Check Pressures.

  • Nitrogen and Nitrotrace leak test if NO GAS is present in the system to show if any leaks are present. 

  • Spray Bubble solution to show the precise location of leaks.

  • Remove old refrigerant and weigh it to see how much you may have lost.

  • Vacuum the system to a negative pressure to remove any trapped moisture and contaminants.

  • Add new PAG oil and UV Dye.

  • Add new Refrigerant gas to manufacturers' specifications.

  • Test high and low pressures.

  • Test temperature at the air vents.

  • Lubricate rubber o-rings on Schrader valves.

  • Report any faults.

  • Anti-Bacterial Treatment


 Optional Performance Enhancers

Option 1: Cool-Shot Making Your Ac Run Cooler and Save Money only £30 incl VAT 

For more info on Cool-shot Click Here

Option 2: Extreme Leak Sealer with a 3 Month Leak Guarantee. Stops Leaks and Prevents any Future Small Leaks up to 0.3mm, Only £36 incl Vat 

Nitrogen Leak and Ultrasonic Test included in Service.



If you have no gas we will do a leak test. If it fails the leak test we only charge £35 incl vat, not the full service price.

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 Specialists in Leak Detection

We specialize in leak Detection and can find the smallest of leaks using the latest leak detection technology available. We are the only AC Specialist in Derby that has the Latest Leak Detection Equipment. Most Garages only do a vacuum test that only shows big leaks, we can detect the smallest of leaks, saving you money and time.

All these are free as part of the service.

  • High-Pressure Oxygen Free Nitrogen and Bubble Spray Detection.

  • Nitro-Trace with Hydrogen Detector to Detect the Smallest of Leaks.

  • Ultrasonic Whisper Detector to Locate Ultrasonic Audible Leaks.

  • UV Tracer Dye.

  • R134a Leak Detection Sniffer.

  • High Power 2800mw 365nm UV Light.


We offer the cheapest repair service in Derby.

We can get any Air Conditioning part supplied and fitted for a fraction of the price of a garage using our recommended BMW trained mechanic. We do not do major repairs ourselves, so it is not in our interest to find unnecessary repair work. 

Condensors supplied and fitted from £200.

For a condenser quote Click Here.

Compressors fitted from £60.

Pressure Switches supplied and fitted from £30 excl VAT

Leaks Fixed With Errecom Extreme Leak Additive £30 excl VAT

We use the most up-to-date equipment ensuring a precise accurate service


Our Specialist Equipment used as shown below.

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10 Reasons To Consider Choosing Us?

  1. Family run

  2. Totally honest in our approach as we rely on recommendations from customers

  3. We only specialize in Car AC systems, so have vast experience.

  4. No long waiting times, you can sit in your car or watch us carry out the service. Usually only takes 15-20 minutes.

  5. We can diagnose most problems and will not second guess what the problem is, saving pounds.

  6. We use a BMW-trained mechanic, who offers the cheapest rates in Derby for any repairs.

  7. Latest leak detection equipment.

  8. Free nitrogen leak test and UV dye treatment.

  9. Cheapest AC service in Derby.

  10. All our equipment is only a year or two old and is the most up-to-date you can purchase


Over 1000+ Five Star Reviews!

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We are a home run Air Conditioning business  Qualified to City & Guilds 7543 standards. Because we only specialize in car aircon service you can be assured of a high-quality service. You are welcome to watch as we service your aircon and we will explain each part of the re-gas service. The aircon service takes around 20 minutes. 

Why suffer on a hot sticky summer's day; when from only £69 you can be driving in a cold car, feeling cool and refreshed.

Using the latest air conditioning service equipment to make sure your car is re-gassed correctly to the manufacturer's air conditioning specifications.

We do not just top up your car with refrigerant, we always remove your old refrigerant. We vacuum to -29 hg the entire air conditioning system to remove any excess moisture; then test for leaks under vacuum. 

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What Makes StayKool Car Air Conditioning Different From The Rest?


Car Air Conditioning servicing and repairs over the years have had a bad reputation from inexperienced operators diagnosing a fault wrongly and charging extortionate prices for repairs. Ring any garage and they will quote around £400 for a new condenser and main dealers around £700!! We can supply and fit for around £150, saving you a small fortune. Staykool offers a totally honest, reliable service and advice. We will diagnose most faults without second-guessing. If we don't know the exact fault we will tell you this, and point you in the right direction. 

Read our reviews on Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot as we have over 1000 Five Star reviews

and have been in business for 8 years and we only specialize in Car Air Conditioning. You can find cheaper alternatives, but do they have the experience and if they find a fault how much will they change? Don't forget that once you have had your first service with Staykool all future services are only £18 plus a small extra for any gas needed between October-April.

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