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Three Month Leak Guarantee Terms

Car air conditioning systems operate at high pressure, making them susceptible to leaks caused by internal or external corrosion. Impacts from debris like stones hitting the condenser (which resembles a radiator behind the front grille). Sudden seal failures under pressure, or malfunctioning pressure relief valves on compressors can all cause the gas to leak out.


To provide you with peace of mind, Staykool offers a 3-month leak guarantee on our car air conditioning services. If NO GAS is present in your system at the time of the service we highly recommend the Extreme Leak Additive. You are under no obligation and we can still do a re-gas if no leaks are found, but we will not be able to offer the leak Guarantee or its other benefits.  


Additionally, we prioritize bookings to ensure you can get a re-gas within a few days, especially during the busy summer months when we can be booked weeks in advance.

We believe in transparency and honesty, with no hidden clauses. Please review the terms below to qualify for the guarantee:

  • You must inform us of the leak, ie it has stopped working, within the 3-month period, and repairs should be carried out by a recognized garage or one of our recommended mechanics, with proof of invoice for the repair.

  • Only one claim is permitted within the 3-month period from the original service date.

  • If NO GAS is detected in the vehicle during the service, it may indicate a small undetectable leak. We recommend adding our Extreme Leak Additive to help to prevent further leaks; failure to do so will void the 3 Month Leak Guarantee. (Most leaks however are due to natural loss 10-15% a year).

  • A £35 appointment charge is applicable for leak diagnosis, payable upfront and refunded upon completion of the repair and free re-gas. We can lend you a UV torch for free to help locate the leak yourself if needed to save you the £35 refundable cost. (This is to prevent "no shows" which has happened in the past).

  • If the air conditioning issue is mechanical and not due to a leak, the £35 charge will not be refunded to cover our time and for the diagnosis.

  • If repairs are conducted by a garage other than our recommended mechanics and a leak persists due to bad workmanship from a leaking seal, a £35 appointment charge will apply. No charge applies if one of our recommended mechanics is used.

  • This guarantee covers only the full-price service and excludes promotional offers, such as the £18 Offer for previous customers between October and March.


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