Condensor Quote

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For a quote on a condenser or any other parts for car air conditioning, please click the link below and choose which condenser you require and send us the part number from the site and your name and address to mobile number 07541 724069.

Please ignore the price you see on the site, this is dealer prices, most condensers are only around £50, as we get them for trade price. We will reply within half an hour with a price and link to purchase.

Click Here to Choose Condensor

We will send you a quote and a link to purchase.

If you order before 4 pm it will arrive by DPD next day delivery.

Please make sure you order the correct condenser as there will be a £12 return charge if the incorrect condenser is ordered. Staykool will not be held responsible if the incorrect condenser is ordered.

StayKool will not be held responsible for any garage fees due to the wrong condenser being ordered.

Please contact one of our recommended mechanics to fit the condenser, the average price is around £50 to fit.

Please make an appointment with us for a Regas and service, once fitted.


Jay 07539 065411 (Offers a mobile service, used to work for German Automotive)

Weislaw on 07926 639474 (Used to work for Peugeot, based in Mackworth, near Marketon Park, always visit the park while he carries out the repair.)

Steve on 07866 996235 (Used to work for BMW, based near Victory Road, near old Showcase Cinema)

When choosing your condenser there may be a few variants so please double check:-

  • Make sure you have the exact make and model.

  • The correct engine size,

  • Most importantly the correct date of registration of your vehicle.

  • If possible take measurements to make sure they match with the dimensions of your car.

  • If you order the wrong Condenser, you must return to us and we will refund you in full minus the £12 return charge. We will send you a link for the new condenser to purchase the correct version.

About our Condensers

The condensers we supply are zinc coated and have been tested subjecting them to two years of constant saltwater conditions. We have been using this supplier for the last 5 years and their quality and customer services are second to none, and probably the cheapest on the market too.