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Condensor Quote

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How it works?

We offer a fixed-priced package, that includes the condenser and drier, fitting, and the full regas service, please follow the easy step-by-step instructions below on how it all works.

1. Please send a text to 07541 724069 with your car’s registration number and your name.

2. We will send you a price for the condenser and drier which includes the full fitting fee and the full air conditioning service by text to your mobile phone within an hour.

3. Please click the link in the text and this will take you to a payment page. We will confirm we have received payment by text once received and send you the mechanics' phone numbers to arrange the fitting.

4. Please ring the mechanic and make a booking to have it fitted.

5. Text us to tell us the mechanic's name, so we can send the condenser to them for next working day delivery to 07541 724069.

6. Book online at to have the air conditioning service and regas once it is fitted.

About our Condensers

The condensers we supply are zinc coated and have been tested subjecting them to two years of constant saltwater conditions. Most cheaper condensers are not zinc coated and will not last long in the UK, due to the UK salting the roads in winter. We have been using this supplier for the last 9 years and the quality is excellent. There are cheaper inferior condensers on the market, but the ones we supply are one of the better quality ones you can purchase.

Our Recommended Mechanics.

Once you have purchased the condenser with us, please ring one of the mechanics below to arrange them to fit it for you, and then book in online with us to have the car re-gassed.

Please only ring our recommended mechanics Mon-Fri 9.00 am-5.00 pm

We will text you the mechanic's numbers once the condenser is purchased from us.

Darren (Mobile mechanic based in Alvaston) If you require him to travel to you for fitting there will be an extra charge.

Wieslaw (Based on Great Northern Road))

Steve (Used to work for BMW, Based on Victory Road)

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