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Please carefully review each point and print a copy for future reference in case of any issues.


  1. I acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and Conditions and have printed a copy for my records.

  2. I agree to bring my car to either of the following premises which I will choose when booking an appointment :

    • 2 Verbena Drive, Littleover, Derby, DE23 2HS

    • Great Northern Classics, 274 Osmaston Road, DE24 8AE.

  3. A charge of £35 including VAT will apply if we are unable to re-gas your car due to a significant leak or fault. The full-service price will be charged upon re-booking.

  4. Ensure that AC ports are easily accessible. Some Electric cars (Tesla and BMW i3) may require plastic cowlings to be removed before the appointment. We are not insured to perform this task.

  5. We are VAT registered and will issue a VAT Invoice by email.

  6. Notify us on the service day if you do not want the free antibacterial treatment.

  7. I understand that some cars' Air Conditioning may not function below 10 degrees Celsius. We can still perform a full service on your vehicle.

  8. We offer a 3-month leak Guarantee, Please read the full terms at the bottom of the page.

  9. We offer a free Nitrogen Pressure Test as part of the full service; otherwise, a charge of £35 incl VAT applies for the Nitrogen Leak Test only.

  10. If your car air conditioning is not working I will agree to check my fuses beforehand as this is a common reason why some air conditioning stops working.

  11. Staykool is not liable if the Extreme Leak Sealer Additive does not fix the leak. We do however provide a 3-month leak guarantee if you request the leak-preventative package.

  12. UV Dye will only reveal leaks after the gas has escaped, not during the service.

  13. We cannot check pipes under the vehicle for leaks for cars with a rear evaporator.

  14. We can not offer the 3-month guarantee for cars with rear air conditioning as these have pipes running under the rear of the car, which we can not access.

  15. Customers must wait while their car has the AC service. This only takes around 30 minutes.

  16. CCTV is in operation at our premises, and servicing may be recorded.

  17. You are paying us to carry out an air conditioning service on your vehicle including the gas, even if your car air conditioning is working or not after the service. If the air conditioning does not work we will use our expertise to inform you of the problem and give you the information to fix the repair. We do not offer refunds in the event you decide not to get the repair rectified.

  18. Staykool is not responsible for engine management lights or electrical faults if computer diagnostics are used. This is to prevent fraudulent claims. 

  19. By booking online, you agree to receive promotional material; you can unsubscribe at any time.

  20. We specialise in Car Air Conditioning and diagnostics, in some rare instances, we may recommend you to an auto-electrician when the AC system is not working due to an electrical fault on the AC system, that is beyond our expertise. 

  21. You must re-book another appointment if you turn up at the wrong premises.

  22. If you fit any parts yourself and a leak is found we charge £35 for an appointment and nitrogen test.

  23. Do not request anti-bacterial treatment if you are sensitive to fragrances.

  24. While advanced leak detection is used, undetectable leaks are slightly possible. 

  25. Check the correct premises before arrival, as we operate from two locations.

  26. A £15 no-show fee applies if not notified 24 hours prior to the appointment or cancelled online

  27. Once you become a customer, future services are offered at £18 including VAT plus the cost of gas from October to March.

  28. Do not arrive without a booked appointment.

  29. I confirm that the bonnet release and interior fans are working correctly.

Staykool Transparency Disclosure

You are paying for us to carry out an air-conditioning service on your car, to keep our prices as low as possible we carry out 30-minute service slot appointments which include a Nitrogen leak test, an ultrasonic test, free UV Dye and Anti-bacterial treatment. Any other garage would charge up to £90 for these extras alone. If your car's air conditioning does not work after the service we will still charge the service fee and you may have to book an appointment for further diagnostics. This is very rare, probably only 5% of cars need this, but we feel we have to make you aware of this before booking. 

3-Month Leak Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Car air conditioning systems operate at high pressure, making them susceptible to leaks caused by internal or external corrosion—impacts from debris like stones hitting the condenser (which resembles a radiator behind the front grille). Sudden seal failures under pressure or malfunctioning pressure relief valves on compressors can all cause the gas to leak out.

To provide you with peace of mind, Staykool offers a 3-month leak guarantee on our car air conditioning services when you request the Extreme Sealer Additive.

Additionally, we prioritize bookings to ensure you can get a re-gas within a few days, especially during the busy summer months when we can be booked weeks in advance.

We believe in transparency and honesty, with no hidden clauses. Please review the terms below to qualify for the guarantee:

  • You must inform us of the leak, ie it has stopped working, within the 3-month period, and repairs should be carried out by a recognized garage or one of our recommended mechanics, with proof of invoice for the repair, before we can carry out the free re-gas.

  • Please ring or text us, so we can book you in immediately to locate the leak. DO NOT BOOK ONLINE, to save you the appointment charge. We will fit you in usually within 2 days for free.

  • Only one claim is permitted within the 3 months from the original service date.

  • You must have requested the Extreme Leak Additive.

  • If the air conditioning issue is mechanical and not due to a leak we will have to charge £35 for the appointment slot.

  • If repairs are conducted by a garage other than our recommended mechanics and a leak persists due to bad workmanship from a leaking seal, a £35 appointment charge will apply. No charge applies if one of our recommended mechanics is used.

  • We do not offer this guarantee to cars with rear air conditioning as we can not check for leaks under the vehicle, as mentioned in our terms.

  • This guarantee covers only the full-price service and excludes promotional offers, such as the £18 Offer for previous customers between October and March or any other reduced-priced promotions we may offer.

 Data Protection and Privacy:

  • We adhere to data protection regulations. Your personal information will only be used for service-related communication and will not be shared with third parties.

 Force Majeure:

  • We are not liable for any delays, failures, or damages caused by events beyond our control, such as natural disasters, strikes, or government actions.


  • You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims, losses, or damages arising out of your use of our services.

 Changes to Terms:

  • We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions. Please print copy for the terms which will remain binding when your booking was made.

 Dispute Resolution:

  • Any disputes or concerns should be brought to our attention promptly, and we will strive to resolve them amicably.

 Customer Satisfaction:

  • We value customer satisfaction. If you have concerns or feedback, please contact us promptly for resolution.

  Limited Liability:

  • Our liability is limited to the value of the services provided. We are not responsible for consequential or indirect damages.

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