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Terms & Conditions.

Please read each point really carefully and print a copy for future reference in case of any problems. 



1. I agree to the following Terms and Conditions and have printed a copy to use for future reference.
2. I agree to bring my car to the premises based at 2 Verbena Drive, Littloever, Derby, DE23 2HS.
3. We only charge £29 if we can not regas your car due to a large leak or fault found, we then charge the full-service price once you have booked with us again for a re-gas.
4. Please make sure that the AC ports are easily accessible, some Electric cars (Tesla And BMW i3) have plastic cowlings that need to be removed, we are not insured to remove these, so please remove them before appointment.
5. If we diagnose a large leak or fault and we can not regas we only charge £29 for the Nitrogen Leak Test and appointment time, Not the full-service fee. We will then make sure you get the cheapest repair available to rectify the problem, saving hundreds on garage charges. 

6. We will inject UV dye for free, which will show any future leaks.
7. I understand some cars' Air Conditioning will not work when the outside temperature is below 10 degrees.
8. Please arrive 5 Minutes before the appointment time.
9. We offer a free Nitrogen Pressure Test as part of the full service, otherwise, we only charge £29 for Nitrogen Leak Test only. 
10. We take cash or card payments.
11. Leak Sealer Additives fixes 90% of leaks, and Staykool will not be held responsible if the sealer does not work, we offer no guarantees that it will work on the 10% of cars that do leak after using the Extreme Sealer.
12. UV Dye will only show leaks once the gas has escaped, it will not show leaks at the time of service.
13. If your car has a rear evaporator, we are unable to check the pipes under the vehicle for leaks.
14. We can only check visible components of the AC system for leaks, we cannot check evaporators and some compressors or hidden components, we, therefore cannot guarantee that there may be a small unseen leak.
15. We do not offer a guarantee, due to AC systems being pressurized system and AC Systems can leak at any time mainly due to stones hitting the condenser at the front of the car or seals failing, and due to high pressures caused by hot weather that we can not simulate, for more info  about leaks please read

16. You must wait with your car while we carry out the service.
17. CCTV is in operation at our premises and the servicing may be recorded for future reference. 
18. If your AC does not work after service we suggest leaving gas in for s few days, as most cars Ac will start working once refrigerant and oil have had a chance to loosen any stuck valves, this is common on cars with no gas as valves dry out and get stuck. If it still does not work we offer a full refund minus £15 for the Nitrogen Test, you must text us on 07541 724069 within 14 days. You also have the choice on the day not to have a regas if it does not work and we only charge £15 for a Nitrogen leak test.
19. If we use computer diagnostics we will not be responsible if any engine management lights or electrical faults occur, we have to state this due to any potential fraudulent claims.   
20. By booking online you agree to receive promotional material by being added to our mailing list. No information will be passed onto a third party or sold. You can unsubscribe at any time.
21. Con
densers purchased from ourselves and fitted by one of our recommended mechanics comes with no guarantee to keep the cost as low as possible, if you would like a one-year guarantee please ask us for a price.
22. If you need a new condenser
, we recommend purchasing new seals from your dealer, as new condensers do not come with seals.
23. We will not be held responsible for any garage fees if you use your own garage to fit the condenser or any other parts and they do not fit your car. 
24. Due to some customers having sensitivities to certain fragrances, please do not request the anti-bacterial as it is fragranced.
25. While we use advanced leak detection equipment to find any leaks, it's important to note that there is still a slight possibility of a leak. This can happen because some weaknesses in the system may be undetectable, due to the constant expansion and contraction of the system that we are unable to simulate and the extremely high pressures the system reaches. By booking our service at Staykool, you acknowledge this information. We want to emphasize that if a leak occurs, Staykool cannot be held responsible. You are paying for our service, which includes regas, but please understand that we cannot offer any leak guarantees. If in rare instances it does leak, you must book another appointment to locate the leak and we only charge £15 for a leak test.

26. Staykool and Koolcar are separate businesses, although we operate from the same premises.
27. If you do not turn up for an appointment without informing us 24 hours previously or canceling online, there will be a £15 no-show fee.
28. If your Ac does not work, we will use our expertise to determine the source of the problem. 
29. If you need to contact us in the future please use email or ring or text 07541 724069 and leave a voice message. 
30. Once you become a customer we will offer you any future services at only £15 plus the price of any gas needed between the months of  October to April and £29, Click here for more info.
31. Please do not turn up without a booked appointment.

32. My bonnet release and interior fans are working correctly.

33. Nitrogen leak testing and ultrasonic testing identify 95% of leaks, we can not guarantee that it will not leak once re-gassed even though we use the most advanced testing system available. We only charge £15 for a leak test appointment if it does leak.

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