StayKool Term and Conditions.

Please Print and bring on the day of service to save time. We have copies on the day of service if you are unable to print.

  • I agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

  • Any extra refrigerant need is charged at £4 per 100g for r134a and £10 per 100g for r1234yf on top of the £29 service charge.

  • We ask customers to either sit in their car or stand at the rear of their car on the pavement during the service during COVID 19.

  • Free computer AC diagnostics as part of the service, some cars especially older cars (usually 10 years over) may not have the necessary sensors to diagnose the problem. We also will not be held responsible if ECU lights or electrical faults appear after diagnostics, this is to cover ourselves from fraudulent claims.

  • We will inject UV dye for free, which will show any future leaks.

  • I understand some cars Air Conditioning will not work when the outside temperature is below 10 degrees.

  • We charge a minimum of £15 for each appointment booked.

  • We offer a free Nitrogen Pressure Test as part of the full service if a large leak is found and we can not carry out the service we only charge £15.

  • Staykool does not repair electrical or mechanical problems and will be referred to our mechanic if extra work is needed to rectify the AC system.

  • Leak Sealer Additives fix 90% of leaks, and Staykool will not be held responsible if the sealer does not work. ( Some leaks can expand beyond 0.3mm when under pressure)

  • UV Dye will only show leaks once the gas has escaped, it will not show leaks at the time of service.

  • If your car has a rear evaporator, we are unable to check the pipes under the vehicle for leaks.

  • We can only check visible components of the AC system for leaks, we cannot check evaporators and some compressors or hidden components, we, therefore, cannot guarantee that there may be a small unseen leak.

  • I understand that AC Systems can leak at any time mainly due to stones hitting the condenser at the front of the car or seals failing, and Staykool will not be held responsible if this happens after the service and the refrigerant leaks from the car.

  • If a leak occurs within 6 months we will only charge £15 an appointment excluding materials until the leak is rectified.

  • if you choose Cool-Shot or Extreme Sealer and the cars Ac does not work after the service, we will still have to charge for these extra items. 

  • CCTV is in operation at our premises and the servicing may be recorded. Please inform us if you wish not to be captured on CCTV.

  • My bonnet release and interior fans are working correctly, this is a common reason we can not carry out services.

  • We will be honest and transparent if we do not know the answer to your problem we will not second guess and will seek further advice and email you the solution.

I understand the above terms and conditions and give StayKool full permission to carry out the air conditioning service on my behalf.


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