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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is a service?

      Most cars pre-2017 is £59 and for all cars Post 2017 is £89

  • How do I book?

      Please book online by Clicking Here

  • How long does a service take and can I wait while you do the service

      Most services only take up to 30 mins and you can wait while we service your car.

  • Do you test for leaks before regassing?

      We carry out a comprehensive leak test using High-Pressure Nitrogen and bubble solution and then an ultrasonic test to locate any leaks that can not be seen, and we also have the latest Nitro-Trace leak detection equipment and sniffers. This is all free as part of the service.

  • My garage can not find a leak after my gas leaked out, can you locate this for me?

      Yes, we specialize in leak detection. We find 95% of leaks that other garages cannot find. 

  • If you find a leak can you repair it at the time of the service?

      Yes, we can repair leaks up to 0.3mm with Extreme Leak Sealer for an extra £36, which comes with a 3 month guarantee.

  • What if there is a Leak and you can not regas my car?

      We only then charge £35 for Nitrogen Leak Test and tell you where to get it repaired, usually for less than a 1/4 of the price from any other garage.

  • Where are you based?

      We are based at our new unit within Great Northern Classics, Osmaston Rd, Derby. And also Littleover, Derby. 

  • ​Do you take cash or card.

      We take both forms of payments.

  • How much is a new condenser or compressor including fitting?

      Condensers are usually around £295 incl fitting and regas.  Compressors are around £200 and around £70 to fit.

  • I have seen Groupon Deals, can you price match?

No, we can not. Groupon takes 50% off the price of the service, so you need to ask yourself how they make a profit. We also make sure you get every gram of gas based on manufacturers' recommendations, We also do a comprehensive leak test and add UV dye and Antibacterial Treatment, all for Free as part of a service, whereas most garages charge at least an extra £60 for these alone (Over £150 if main dealer!)

We give honest advice and it is not in our interest to find any other problems as we only specialize in AC Servicing and leak detection and for any small repairs we can do we do not charge for them if needed.

We have invested thousands in the latest equipment and leak diagnostics and we do not use standalone automatic air-con machines like garages that can be unreliable and unserviced, each process is done manually which is very accurate and precise.

We can diagnose most problems, and if it is a major problem we can save you hundreds in repair costs. This is the only occupation I do every day, so have years of experience and we can recommend a few honest mechanics who specialize in AC repairs that I have known for years if a repair is needed.

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