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Car Air Conditioning Service No Gas in System.

Important:- Nitrogen Leak testing will show 90% of leaks, but in 10% of cars with no gas present at the time of service it is virtually impossible to detect a porous leak, as nitrogen molecules are 10 times larger than the refrigerant. This is why we put UV dye in cars with no gas, so if in the rare circumstance your car loses all the gas, we can locate the source of the leak. As we use OFN Nitrogen to pressure test cars we can diagnose most leaks, unlike most garages that do not offer this service. It is industry standard that porous leaks can not be detected.


If we find a leak and are not able to re-gas your car we will only charge £35 for our time and nitrogen gas.


When testing your vehicle and we find there is no gas present at all in your system, and it passes the nitrogen leak test. We recommend putting in  Leak Seal to prevent your system from leaking in the future and to cure any porous leaks that may be present that caused you to lose gas in the first instance. We use the latest sealing technology, that uses nanoparticles of Teflon that permanently seal and leaks and any further leaks that may occur up to 0.3mm in size.

Benefits Of Extreme Leak Sealer.

  • Seals every leak in the system.

  • Visible when exposed to every UV lights.

  • Suitable for leaks up to 0.3 mm.

  • Polymer-free!

  • Safe for the compressor.

  • Reduces compressor noise.

  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases.



When we test your car we will carry out a Nitrogen test leak and spray a bubble solution on the condenser and pipes to highlight any potential leaks in your system. We also add UV dye to show future leaks. 

The test will not detect rare "High-Pressure Porous Leaks"  This is because Nitrogen molecules are 10 times bigger than the refrigerant molecules and the Nitrogen test can only pressurize to 150psi. On a hot day, your car reaches pressures of over 300psi, which can cause the refrigerant to leak, due to potential high-pressure that the nitrogen test cannot detect.


Adding a leak sealer will rectify 90% of leaks, but when the AC system reaches high pressures, holes can then expand above 0.3mm which the sealer may not repair. We can only check the visible components of the AC system.


We believe the customer must be informed of the above information before deciding whether to have a regas or adding Leak Sealer. We only charge £15 if you decide not to have your car regassed and we will tell you what part needs replacing to rectify the problem.

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