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Garage Capors Stories #5

Updated: Jun 18

Garage Capors Stories

Just seen a customer who rang me asking for a condenser quote as the garage had said he needed a new condenser priced by the garage at £700.

I told him to come and have it pressure tested first to verify this and we found no leaks at all? We re-gassed it for him for £79 as it took the newer R1234yf gas.

We see this same scenario quite often as garages do not like to regas a car when there is no gas left in the car, as it is a big risk to them if it leaks out, as they do not do high-pressure nitrogen leak tests prior to re-gassing, especially th

e newer R1234yf gas as it so expensive if it was to leak out. Most cars lose around 15% a year, so it is not uncommon to see cars with no gas at all.

If you have been to a garage and they say you have a leak, get it pressure tested with nitrogen and ask them to show the leak before paying out hundreds for unnecessary work.

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